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WinterNode offers industry-leading performance, reliability, and ease of use without breaking the bank.

DDoS Protection

Gaming-optimized Corero and Arbor DDoS mitigation that blocks L4 and L7 attacks to keep Minecraft servers online.

24/7/365 Support

Get a fast, reliable, and knowledgeable support team that works hard every day to keep your server at its best.

Premium Hardware

We use Core i9s and Ryzen 7s to host our game servers, and exclusively use NVMe SSD storage to maximize performance.

Public Node Stats

We publish our node stats because we have nothing to hide. We monitor every node to ensure top-tier performance.

99.99+% Uptime

Play any time, day or night. Our customer's servers are always online and hosted in enterprise-grade data center facilities.

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Our game servers are set up instantly after payment is received and processed by our systems. Get your server online fast!

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We provide an industry-leading control panel with
top-tier speed, usability, features, and reliability.

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WinterNode is growing and expanding its list of locations constantly, ensuring we can serve users around the globe. (Click a location to see a pingable IP and Minecraft test server!)

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High Performance Servers. NVMe SSD Storage. Our most popular plan.
Enough RAM for a growing server with plenty of plugins and mods.
Easily order this plan for your public server — or explore some of our other options below!
$ 15.92 /mo
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Why a 4GB RAM minimum?

Due to changes in Minecraft since 1.14, including extensive changes to world generation, many Minecraft servers use more resources than before. We recommend a 4GB RAM minimum for Minecraft 1.14+ and 6GB RAM minimum for Minecraft 1.18+ to deliver the best possible performance.

Why WinterNode?

WinterNode was founded by server owners for server owners. We know the struggle to find great hosting is real, and we know what works and doesn't work from years of experience. WinterNode exists to offer incredibly fast hardware and great support for a fair price.


This plan is designed for proxy servers, such as WaterFall or Velocity.

  • Gravel Plan
  • Increase Storage on Request
  • Unmetered Slots
  • Great for Proxy servers
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Our recommended minimum for Minecraft servers 1.15 and newer.

  • Coal Plan
  • Increase Storage on Request
  • Unmetered Slots
  • Great for Small 1.12 - 1.15 Servers.
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A great starting point for modded or plugin-heavy servers.

  • Iron Plan
  • Increase Storage on Request
  • Unmetered Slots
  • Great start for small 1.16 Servers.
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A fantastic plan for a growing and populated server.

  • Redstone Ore Plan
  • Increase Storage on Request
  • Unmetered Slots
  • Great for small 1.18 Servers.
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An awesome plan for getting that extra little kick in performance.

  • Lapis Ore Plan
  • Increase Storage on Request
  • Unmetered Slots
  • Great for Modded/Plugin-Heavy Servers.
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10+ GB RAM

WinterNode offers Minecraft plans up to 25GB RAM for larger servers.

  • See Other Plans
  • Increase Storage on Request
  • Unmetered Slots
  • Great for Large Servers.
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4.8+ star rating on Trustpilot   4.5 stars