Minecraft Hosting Plans

Trial Server

Freefor 48Hrs

  • 2 GB RAM (2048MB)
  • 1-50 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 1 GB RAM (1024MB)
  • 1-25 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 2 GB RAM (2048MB)
  • 1-50 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 3 GB RAM (3072MB)
  • 1-70 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 4 GB RAM (4096MB)
  • 1-100 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 5 GB RAM (5120MB)
  • 1-125 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 6 GB RAM (6144MB)
  • 1-145 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 7 GB RAM (7168MB)
  • 1-175 Players
  • (recommended)


  • 8 GB RAM (8192MB)
  • 1-200 Players
  • (recommended)

Why Choose WinterNode?

Superior Hardware

We only utilize hardware of a superior grade to ensure your servers operate reliably and at optimal levels.

Daily Backups

We provide daily backups to protect your data in the unlikely event of an error or breakdown in service.

DDoS Protection

All of our nodes are DDoS protected in order to protect your server 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack.

Pterodactyl Panel

We use a modified version of the Pterodactyl control panel to provide more features and make the user experience better.

Amazing Support

Have any questions? Send us a ticket and we will be more than happy to assist you.

48 Hours Refund Policy

Not satisfied with your current service? Send us a ticket and we will process your refund as soon as possible.